Bettini e Contardo
Parma Italy

Goldsmiths for Passion
Two generations of goldsmiths jewelers in Parma
Jewelers for vocation
Bettini & Contardo , creates , manufactures , sells directly Collections of Jewellery, precious and unique . The company was founded in the 60s by the work of Giuseppe Bettini in Parma , today we are continuing the development Scaffardi Alberto and Giorgio Contardo , in the Work Shop on Via Corso Corsi 88 and in the showroom of str . Of the Republic 95. Jewelers goldsmiths artists designers expert gemologists traders this mix is what distinguishes us from the common store of gold . For us the most demanding customer can realize dreams , We design and manufacture unique items with the same passion we select and offer of modern and antique jewelry . We give a quality service and expert evaluation .